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Our Trucks

The Fry Boys

Fry Boys Night  edge.png

The Fry Boys Truck is the pinnacle of Food Truck Design. The Fry Boys Truck is a first of it's kind next generation food truck that stands out from all the other food trucks with it's amazing full color LED displays and beautiful lights. The blueprint for The Fry Boys truck took over 12 months to finalize, but the finished result is worth it. 

The truck's design allows for extreme production while still maintaining impeccable standards for Food Safety and Quality.

The Fry Boys covers all the bases for the ultimate Foodies. Fry Boys is dedicated to serving a menu of crowd favorites like burgers, salads and our iconic loaded fries. 

If you need to make a statement for a corporate catering or wedding, Fry Boys is the desired food truck. This truck is equipped with a massive LED programmable display feature that can project any message, picture or video that you would like to send to your guests or clients.


Daisy’s Desserts is the ultimate dessert truck. Daisy’s is designed to be the perfect truck for huge caterings and events. Its menu selection gained notoriety with tasty desserts; which include eight flavors of scoop ice cream to its incredibly popular Crème Brulee. Daisy’s became a crowd favorite throughout the Central Valley and the Bay Area with delicious menu items that include fresh baked cookies, five flavors of frozen lemonade, ice cream sandwiches and incredible fresh mini donuts. Daisy’s became the “go-to” dessert truck for huge caterings and events with it’s programmable led sign, beautiful lights and unique marquee that extends above the truck make it a stand out at any venue.

Daisys Night edge (1).png

Cowtown Creamery


Cowtown Creamery (Formally Happy Cow) is one of the first undeniable dessert trucks in the greater Sacramento and surrounding areas. Supplied with its wide range of ice cream creations, milk shakes and a variety of various other tasty treats, it quickly became a favorite on the Sacramento food truck scene. 

Cowtown is compact; yet, efficient, and ideal for the smaller events with limited food truck parking space. Happy Cow’s compact size is exquisite for weddings, birthday parties and office functions.

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